Tony Fauci memo to himself: “Never EVER throw out the first pitch at a game again!” I don’t want to rub it in to Dr. Fauci, we’ve known each other for a long time, but his toss on opening night was not the stuff of baseball legend, unless a record is kept of the worst ones ever. It was even more wretched than the ones heaved by then-President Barack Obama back in 2009 and 2010. And now the current president says he wants to get in the act.
President Donald Trump, never to be outdone, announced that he’d throw out a first pitch in mid-August. Then he declared that he would not, perhaps because it would be at an empty Yankee stadium where he’d not get to claim it was the biggest crowd ever. Of course he gussied it up a little, tweeting:
“Because of my strong focus on the China Virus, including scheduled meetings on Vaccines, our economy and much else, I won’t be able to be in New York to throw out the opening pitch.”
Maybe he was worried he’d also be embarrassed. Perhaps later, he said. Don’t hold your breath.
The point is that Fauci is not an MLB pitcher, but he is a major league infectious disease doctor, who has tried to apply his experience and wisdom to the battle against the coronavirus. His expertise and amazing ability to speak in a language everyone can understand has made him one of the most trusted people in America when it comes to combatting this pandemic.
Unfortunately, one of the least trusted men is President Trump. There is no way of knowing how many have died because of his and his administration’s blunders. With his initial trivialization of the threat, to the rejection of sound public health advice, to his promotion of various medications without any reason, to his agitation for a premature reopening of the country for political reasons, he has shown that he is exactly the wrong person to be in charge.
And he persists with his ignorance and bluster, trying to peddle the idea that he’s not in way over his head. He still wants to show that he has more knowledge than Dr. Fauci and the other public health experts, who shudder every time he opens his mouth, trying a different sort of pitch. At least now he’s recognizing the fact that the country he pretends to lead is being consumed by the raging coronavirus, because he prematurely declared an “all clear.”


Still, he’s advocating for the nation’s children to return to school full time when it opens soon. Happily, most boards of education are ignoring his guidance in the face of evidence that the kids would be risking their own health and the lives of so many in their community. They would become COVID carriers.
He and his party are aggressively resisting mail-in ballots, peddling subterfuge that this realistic alternative to risky in-person voting is fraught with fraud. There is absolutely no evidence of this, but Trump and the Republicans want to suppress the turnout, to discourage those who oppose him by only leaving them the choice of risking their lives to show up in person on Election Day.
He’s trying every demagogic trick in the book, including goading protestors into violence by sending in federal agents to create a police state in the cities. He’s casting himself as the “law and order” man, trying to scare the people with visions of a violent takeover of the country.
What he’s actually doing is trying to distract from the fact that he and his subordinates have blown out the pandemic defenses so badly that he desperately needs to weasel out of attention from their miserable performance. It doesn’t matter if he ever throws a baseball. He shouldn’t be able to throw off attention to the job he’s done making America the laughingstock of the world.

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