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Welcome to the Bitter Real World

Welcome to the Bitter Real World
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The message was clear. When it comes to the "Bitter" , Clinton does "Bitter" better than Obama.
Although that contrivance of Hillary throwing back a Crown Royal in a bar looked to many as goofy as Michael Dukakis in a tank wearing that dopey helmet, apparently the shot-and-the-beer voters of Pennsylvania lapped it right up.

Up until recently Obama had gotten away with being the "No Sweat" candidate, making his run without showing a bead of perspiration. Well, this may come as a shock to those in his insulated wine-and-cheese world: Most Americans do sweat. Not only that, they resent those who don't.


Possibly the very best thing Barack Obama could do would be to appear with stains on his shirt. That should happen anyway, now that his opponents know he fidgets when he gets the kitchen sink thrown at him. There are a lot of kitchen sinks out there and a lot of adversaries to throw them.

It is true that Hillary Clinton carries a lot of baggage too. The polls show people don't find her trustworthy. If she can't shuck her "Slick Hilly" image real fast, she's going to be laughed right out of the campaign, particularly if the Republican smear specialists get turned loose. It could be so easy for. John McCain, he ight not even have to throw a tantrum till after he assumes the Presidency.

All of this adds up to one inescapable conclusion: The rest of this campaign promises to be one ugly brawl. What a shame it would be if all these personal flaws so weakened the candidates they lost the credibility to discuss the real issue of the day. That is the dramatic decline of the country they want to lead.

First they need to show us they're capable of more than the leaders whose disgraceful performance has placed us on the slide into history's oblivion. And that they are also capable of fighting the very very powerful forces who are as happy as can be with the way things are so stacked in their favor, they don't have to sweat.


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