He may be ignorant, but Donald Trump is one cunning flim-flam man, among the most manipulative in history. He's been conning all of us, and not just the grievance-laden dullards who make up his rabid base...his millions of cultists who cheer on his every outrage. We need to include all of us enablers who validate him as president of the United States. No matter how absurd his actions, no matter how moronic his policies or tweets, we take him seriously.
The explanation we offer is that he is POTUS, after all, with enough constitutional power to do damage to the country. Just look at how he grossly mishandled the pandemic, we say, and the millions of Americans who suffered unnecessarily by becoming afflicted with the coronavirus. More than a quarter million people have died.
That's the thing. He has imposed such harm on the nation that we must pay attention to his every preposterous utterance. No matter how ridiculous, we have to acknowledge that he said whatever we said and we are obligated to report it, which sets off the anti-social media.


It’s exactly what's happening now with the insanity of his seeming refusal to believe that he has lost the election to Democrat Joe Biden. Every crazy legal scheme and his every act of attempted intimidation cannot be lightly dismissed, because they were accompanied by a delay of his official approval for the normal transition to a Biden presidency.
This was potentially dangerous because it could have impeded the new administration's effective takeover, leaving the country even more vulnerable. So it's understandable that us pundits and reporters foamed at the mouth with speculation. Our imagination runs wild. Our fevered brains wonder whether he and his family will leave the White House voluntarily or whether he will attempt some sort of coup d'etat.
Relax, everyone. There's no evidence he even knows what "coup d'etat" means. As for his legal strategies, they really aren't strategies, but loopy lawsuits, charging voter fraud, that boggle the mind since there is no credible evidence. The minds of judges have been particularly boggled. They toss the lawsuits out of their courts at first glance. Trump's efforts to strong-arm state legislative leaders to create havoc with electors are so clumsy that they offend the most corrupt politicians.
Most of us realize that he won't be allowed to overstay his welcome. So that leads to even more frenzied conjecture: What will he do to stay ahead of the posses chasing him? What will he do to stay relevant and make money, which to him are the same thing?
My personal favorite is that he'll immediately start running for election in 2024, to make a triumphal return next time. It's certainly plausible, but before we take that too seriously, let's take a breath and considers the obstacles:
-- A bunch of ambitious Republicans have their own sights set on the White House.
-- Trump faces billions of dollars in lawsuit charges.
-- Prosecutors might file criminal charges against him (you can't run for president from jail).
-- And most importantly, he'll be old news after four years.
Assuming he settles all his legal problems, chances are he'll need money. Besides the products he'll be hawking on TV at 1-800-GRIFTER (Trump bobbleheads, Air Force One models, surplus chloroquine, reduced-price vacations at Mar-A-Lago) he probably will continue holding rallies and charging for tickets (I am not making that up). Perhaps he'll release a ghost-written memoir about his White House years ... working title "The Art of the Steal." Maybe he'll host another reality show, on OAN or Newsmax. He probably will not have the money for his own network, particularly if the litigation leaves him a pauper.
It's a long time to 2024. But stranger things have happened, like his getting elected the first time. Let that serve as a warning.

(c) 2020 Bob Franken
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