The election is a month away, so the time has come to abandon the protest violence, no matter how egregious the behavior from government officials, and get rid of the racist who is running the country into the ground.
President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again has tried to turn all the civil rights progress of the decades into Jim Crow regression, but any destructive behavior at this point will play right into his hands of scaring some white people. Remember, the election is just a month away, which is the way to get rid of this authoritarian bigot, no matter how many times he implies he might not go peacefully.
Don’t be fooled by that bluster. As the Joe Biden campaign said dismissively in July, the “United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.” No matter how many Black martyrs, like Breonna Taylor, there are to police violence, no matter how many times the officers responsible go unpunished, there is no chance of getting justice if Trump remains in office. He has sided with the racists, and the only chance for change is a vote against him so massive that he won’t be tempted to pull any stunts to stay after his term of office has expired.
He and the Republican nihilists make it clear they will try any chicanery — before, during and after the election — if they think they can get away with it, including Trump’s repeated refusals to even say he will honor the election’s results. For proof, look no further than Republicans maneuvering to replace liberal champion Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court with an ultraconservative justice. Or remember his deadly incompetence in handling the coronavirus pandemic, or marvel at his constant lying and biased demagoguery.
He is the embodiment of democracy’s decay, and he will expand his authoritarianism if he remains in office. His lemming-like supporters will turn out by the millions, and the only way to counter them will be a laser-like focus on matching an outpouring of fair-minded Americans who can register their disgust at the polls. Rather than attending demonstrations, no matter how worthy the cause, the time and effort can now be better spent making sure that like-minded citizens turn out in gargantuan numbers and cast their ballots, whether by mail or showing up.


As we’ve seen, the Trump supporters are already blatantly involved in voter intimidation, and the GOP is utilizing every trick imaginable to make it as difficult as possible for the anti-Trumpsters to cast their ballots. And their distortions won’t stop there.
Since mail-in ballots are counted slower than those cast at polling places, and since the Trump supporters will be more inclined to vote in person (because their hero has so discredited any other way), and since their ballots are counted more quickly than mailed in ones, be on the lookout for cheap tricks:
The results on election night will favor Trump as they count the votes of those who voted at the polling precincts in person. Only in the days afterward will the count take into consideration all of his opposition’s mail-in results. Don’t be surprised if Donald Trump declares victory prematurely on election night, and as the massive numbers of the pro-Biden votes are subsequently tabulated, it will give him an opportunity to pretend that it’s a plot by the “deep state” to distort the outcome. It will create a constitutional crisis, but Trump doesn’t much care about that. He doesn’t always find constitutional limitations tolerable.
If Joe Biden is elected, after Trump has exhausted his larcenous repertoire, then it will be time to hold Biden’s feet to the fire and demand advances in racial equality.
“What country are we in? I’m being facetious,” said Biden recently. Except it’s not a laughing matter. We are about to find out what country we are in, unless all those who might benefit from Trump’s ouster organize.

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