August 17, 2007
The Political Fix-Up (Bob Franken)
@ 8:59 am

Apparently, Karl Rove hasn’t gotten all the credit he deserves. Can you believe that?

It’s true. Now we learn that when “The Architect” is not making political houses of cards, he’s busy making matches.

It seems that when presidential daughter Jenna’s intended, Henry Hager, worked at the White House, his boss was — you guessed it — Karl Rove.


Coincidence? I don’t think so. And talk about pure bloodlines. This Bush offspring is engaged to a young man with an impeccable GOPedigree. His father heads the Virginia Republican Party. Nothing was left to chance. The family learned its lesson, I guess, when a daughter of Bush the 1st married a former aide to (gasp!) Dick Gephardt!!!

No departing from the base this time. In true Rovian fashion, this Bush marriage is staying on message.

But wait, there’s more. When Jenna was negotiating a book deal, her lawyer was Bob Barnett. Who has Rove called? Bob Barnett.

Of course, that doesn’t prove anything. Barnett represents damn near everyone … the Clintons, Tony Blair (working title for his memoir: My Life as a Poodle), and in the spirit of full disclosure, riff-raff like me. Even so, let’s assume he’s not involved in pre-nup discussions.

But all kidding aside: Let’s wish the young couple the best. And let’s acknowledge a big mistake.

For so long, critics have described Karl Rove as “the brain” of George W. Bush. Now we find out he’s really the family’s heart. And now we know why he’s leaving the White House.

With this engagement he can truly say, “My work here is done”


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