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Today, let’s consider the Hypocrats. Those are the Democrats who sanctimoniously declare, every chance they get, that they stand for racial justice and women’s rights — in fact, they are the champions of all the oppressed. Obviously that’s not always the case. It would be comforting to know that they are a new party, but, of course, they are not. In recent memory, they are the ones who opportunistically rallied around President Bill Clinton, and viciously ripped into intern Monica Lewinsky and the others who dared to accuse their guy of being a dangerous perv.
They are more than matched by the GOP, which, of course, means “Grand Old Phonies” when it comes to piety of convenience. Their embrace of Donald Trump’s transparently fraudulent cultural conservatism is Exhibit A, but another is the Republican Majority Leader in the Virginia Senate, Thomas Norment, who now acknowledges that he was an editor of a 1968 college yearbook tht was riddled with racist slurs.
Still, let’s focus on the Hypocrats. Actually, we’re being forced to by so many of their goings-on in Virginia, which fancies itself the “birthplace of America” In fact, the commonwealth (it is called a “commonwealth,” as opposed to just a humdrum “state”) is marking its 400th anniversary, including of the arrival of the first slaves. The remnants of that evil period in the nation’s history still afflict us today. Look no further than the leaders of the commonwealth of Virginia Hypocratic Party, those preachers of progressive policies forced, because they had no choice, to admit their ugly pasts.
Thanks to Ralph Northam, we’ve had the opportunity to learn that when you apply shoe polish to your face to appear in blackface, it is really, really hard to remove. As we all know, Virginia Gov. Northam is in a heap of trouble after right-wing oppo research people discovered a picture on his 1984 medical school yearbook page showing a guy in blackface, standing next to a man covered in KKK robe and hood.
As we all know, Northam has not handled this at all well. When the picture was first revealed, he apologized profusely, then the next day denied it was him while admitting that he had put on blackface for a Michael Jackson moonwalking contest. That attempt at damage control inflicted even more harm, with friends and foes alike demanding that he resign.
Among them was Mark Herring, the Democratic attorney general of the state — oh, excuse me, commonwealth. Herring is another darling of the left, except that he’s a red-faced Herring at the moment, embarrassed to confess that he too had his blackface moment to appear at a costume party to play the part of a rap performer. He claims to have used makeup. Was he being mindful of Northam’s warning that “You cannot get shoe polish off”? It is obvious that they can’t get their two faces off, that these self-declared progressives have ventured into deeply insensitive racism and have threatened their careers decades later.


Herring, by the way, would be second in the line of succession in Virginia if Northam lost the job, which by the way, Northam has told staff he is not going to bail. He's gotten what might be described as perverse reprieve from the number one guy to take over if he did quit. That would be the Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, also a Democrat, and if the serious sexual-assault accusations against him are true, also a Hypocrat.
Now he's facing his own calls to give it up, or be impeached, after not one but two women have publicly stated that Fairfax sexually assaulted them. First it was college professor Vanessa Tyson, who claimed Fairfax forced her to have oral sex with him nearly 15 years ago. The latest is Meredith Watson, who said in a statement from her lawyer, that Justin Fairfax sexually imposed himself on her in 2000, when both were undergraduates at Duke University.
That laughter you hear might be coming from the Supreme Court building, where Brett Kavanaugh is now an associate justice after grinding through similar charges. In fact, the same law firm that represented Justice Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is now handling Tyson’s case, while the same one that defended Kavanaugh now has Fairfax as a client. Woman's groups and their supporters are largely applying the same standard in both these new cases where they are presuming until shown otherwise, that the woman is telling the truth. Fairfax, by the way, is vigorously denying both accusations. Kavanaugh and his GOP supporters survived the process, barely. Will Justin Fairfax? Will his fellow Hypocrats? And the bigger question is, can either party survive the accumulated deserved skepticism that weighs it down? Politics is so transparently and clumsily dishonest.

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