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The 2010 Going Negative List

Don't you get a kick out of us? Isn't it cute how we pretend we have any clue whatsoever how the 2010 mid-term elections will go?

By definition we cannot predict the surprises that will intercede in the next 11 months. They could very well dominate the agenda as the voters' "be-all-end-alls" by the time November rolls around when they decide between their Congressional and statehouse candidates and, just as importantly, the two parties.

Still, it's the end of the year. Wherever we turn someone has come up with a List. Except me. If I don't come with something I'll lose my Pundit Permit. We can't have that, now can we? So to prevent anything of the sort, let's catalogue some of the invective we can expect that Republicans and Democrats will try and use to heap scorn on each other when they inevitably go more and more negative to try to make their followers give a damn.


This, then, is my guess of the key expressions each side will constantly put through the campaign grinder to spew out as accusation against one another. Let's call it the "Grist Lists" (Get it? "Grist"? "Grinder"? Humor me).

Obama. Cheney
Soft-on Terrorism. Cheney
Socialists. Health Care Obstructionists
Barack Hussein. George W
Free Market. Fat Cats
Nancy Pelosi. Sarah Palin
Barney. Newt
Free Markets. Fat Cats
Unemployment. Inherited
Deficits. Inherited
Offense. Defense

This is obviously incomplete . It could go on and on but we've already crossed the "Enough Already" threshold. We should, however have fulfilled the aforementioned Year-End List obligation.

At the end of 2010 we'll compile one that includes how many important items we left out. That, of course, will be the "Missed List"


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