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Tea Party Diversion

Not only is the Tea Party Right...often far Right, it's also right. It is motivated largely by anger and there's plenty to be angry about. Unfortunately it's also wrong.

The fury and desperation that fuels those who have rallied to this movement is misplaced. Their proper targets should be those in the corporate-finance power structure whose insatiable greed caused a near collapse of the economy and a full collapse of the lives and well-being of the millions whose money they squandered.

Instead their rage is aimed at government regulators and efforts to give them real power to bring the corruption under control. They have been oh-so-cleverly manipulated by organizers (The Tea Party branches claim to be spontaneous but that just isn't so) who are financed by some of the very big money interests who have gotten us into our mess.

They have been successful in deflecting the Tea-Partiers' rage away from the bad guys those who might help put a stop to their cheating, meaning the regulators. It's similar to the way the wealthy keep the lawmakers at bay by using a tiny part of their riches in the form of campaign contributions to coerce them and/or sweet talk them away from creating sensible rules of conduct for playing with other peoples' money.


The agents of the status quo succeed in turning those with different ideas for effective change against each other. They use buzz words of distortion, superstition and fear to create mindless uprisings that paradoxically tamp down any chance of meaningful reform. It's classic "Divide and Conquer"

But beyond that, the irresponsible use of careless language by ambitious politicians and their cynical enablers raises the danger of causing someone those who are borderline unhinged to cross that line. Timothy McVeigh and the anniversary of the ghastly terrorism in Oklahoma's City should give those who casually incite to think about the danger before they spew their hateful, incendiary sound bites. They should know they're creating new monsters. But they don't seem to care.

What they do is stifle constructive protest by turning it into destructive mindlessness. The Tea-Party and similar protest efforts become movements against movement, instruments against change played by those who know just how to whip up the kind of frenzy that can consume those who doesn't take a little time to look past fear and prejudice and realize they're being had.


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