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Scribble Quibble

February 29, 2008
Scribble Quibble (Bob Franken)
@ 9:51 am

You can talk about tax records and archival material that we want the candidates to disclose, but there are much more important documents that America must see right away.

Sens. Clinton and Obama must IMMEDIATELY release the notebooks they’ve used during their debates.

And Barack and Hillary, don’t you dare pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. Each time one of you goes into a rant, the other stares (or glares) as long as possible and then puts something down on his or her legal pad. The voters have an urgent need to see what you’ve written.


When Obama , for instance, is explaining why his his healthcare plan is universal even though it doesn’t cover everyone, is Clinton jotting down talking points, or something like “Empty suit”? When it’s her turn and she’s going on, still again, about her 35 years of experience, is he scribbling “NAFTA”?

Both are attorneys, and as we all know from TV shows, lawyers take notes during trials. So it’s entirely possible they’re actually doing something other than doodling, but we voters have a right to know.

If, however, my suspicions are confirmed and this is just a contrivance, a way to appear engaged, when the debaters just can’t stand to hold eye contact one second longer, we have a right to understand what dark revelations there are in these meanderings.

Don’t let the candidates ignore us. We must rise up and insist that the candidates release these documents. We can accept nothing less. Only then can we truly be an informed electorate.

Let’s stay together on this, America. Let’s rally behind this important principle and keep our country great. Let’s carry our banners high. “No notes, no votes!” It’s a cause we can all embrace.


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