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Sarah Tired of Watching Russia

Once again, Sarah Palin raises that old question: “How ya gonna keep them up on the frozen tundra, after you’ve seen DC” Well maybe it’s not exactly that old question, but once again the soon-to-be-ex Alaska Governor Governor is raising another old question: “Is she crazy?”

Is she so blinded by ambition that she’s forgotten that she made a damned fool of herself in the last election? Or is she crazy like a fox, mindful of the fact that the entire Republican party made a damned fool of itself the last time around. Maybe when she looks and sees that one of the party’s great hopes is Newt Gingrich, she decides “Hey why not”?”

And there could be some big money out there as she stokes the flames for a run in 2012. Let us not forget that Mike Huckabee is doing his thing on Fox News Channel, where the slogan is “You can’t have too many right-wingers” Or, she can return to what she did in an earlier career.


Remember? She was a sportscaster. There she might flourish. There’s no such thing as being too dopey to be a sportscaster. When things get really slow, she can probably pop up everyone once in awhile on the Dave Letterman show. Whatever can pay the bills for her wardrobe.

The more we think about it, the more it makes sense. This way she can use the time to become better qualified for her national ambitions. She can take that high school Civics class she obviously never took and start reading up with newspapers like “My Weekly Reader” with its famous article on “How a Bill Becomes Law”.

It won’t be too long before she’s more qualified that the rest of the field. In fact, it’s probably not too soon to start pondering a Vice Presidential candidate on a ticket led by Sarah Palin. It’ll have to be a he, and he’s have to be a fiscal conservative and it’ll probably be a good idea to balance her upper northerness with someone from the south. How about Mark Sanford?

Stranger things have happened. Of course, Sarah Palin on a national ticket is pretty strange too.


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