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Sarah Palin' in the Polls

Sarah Sarah, say it isn't so. Those of us who follow your every wink are devastated that you're losing popularity.

You've always pooh-poohed the polls anyway. So maybe we should just ignore a new one from ABC News and the Washington Post that shows only 40 percent of those responding had a favorable opinion of you. That's way down from the 58 percent back when you joined the presidential ticket with What's-His-Name.

There's an obvious disconnect here. Weren't you "Miss Congeniality" in that Alaska pageant back in 1984? Isn't presidential politics just another beauty contest? So surely this latest survey is wrong -- another creation of the "haters."


Once you look closely, you can breathe a sigh of relief: 57 percent don't believe Sarah Palin "understands complex issues." Big deal. Only about 2 per cent of those who love you understand complex issues. Even so, a 40 percent overall rating beats the heck out of say, "30 Rock." So take that Tina Fey. Gosh darn it.

You're 31 points behind President Obama in the "strong leader" category? What's that gotten him? I don't see any plans for signing a health care bill in the Rose Garden anytime soon.

Besides, right now you're not running against Obama. Not yet anyway. And if you want to see really pathetic results, look at the favorability percentages for the Mike Huckabees, Mitt Romneys and Newt Gingriches of the GOP world. They're downright puny, too.

Among the true believers, you're doing just fine, thank you very much: 61 percent of the self-identified conservatives say they still love you. Moderates, just 30 percent. As for those immoderates, the liberals: less than one in five like you. But who needs them? More haters.

It's probably a good thing you're leaving government for a while, but whatever you do, don't stray far from the political arena. People like me desperately need you


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