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Reclaiming America

April 2, 2008
Reclaiming America (Bob Franken)
@ 10:16 am

I have some questions for all three presidential candidates. Let’s talk about the evidence that this government used the war on terror as an excuse to sanction clear torture and to move us a lot closer to being a police state.


What will you do as president to scale back the Patriot Act and other invasions of privacy and civil liberties?

What will you do to make sure we no longer engage in the torture of our captured enemies, so we once again can lay claim to the moral superiority that is supposed to set this country apart?


When will Guantanamo Bay and other other U.S.-supported Devils Islands be shut down?

Will you immediately end the practice of military officials who lie about many of the detainees we hold and make up charges against them? Should they be punished for their deceptions about the way they’ve treated them? Will you shut down the military tribunals that are really just kangaroo trials? What will you do to guarantee these “defendants” rudimentary protections of laws and fairness?

What about those in the current administration who planned and administered all the egregious violations of domestic and international law? What should be done about those attorneys in the White House, Justice Department and Pentagon who distorted the Constitution to come up with bogus legal justifications for this horrendous conduct. Should they be disbarred? Should they face prosecution?


Today, I begin a recurring program on BlogTalk Radio, at 3:00 Eastern, called Franken Sense. Please feel free to log in and call in. We can talk about anything you want, with a focus on politics. God knows there is plenty to discuss.


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