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Primary Follies

So many questions: Will Arlen Specter switch back to the Republicans? Will this setback cramp his style when it comes to asking really inane questions this summer at the Judiciary Committee hearings for the season's Supreme Court nominee. I guarantee you, we're going to miss his loopy musing.

Moving right along: Does Super Tuesday winner Ron Paul Kentucky Derby as an "R" for Republican or a "T" in November's Kentucky Derby? Does he now plan to kiss the hand of godfather Mitch McConnell or continue to tell McConnell just what it is he can kiss?

As for the Democrats, will Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama promise Democratic candidates they will not campaign for them and, in fact, deny knowing them?

This is not the year of the establishment it seems. The sad irony is that it's the real establishment that stands to maintain its absolute power as all us dupes fight among ourselves.

It's the bankers and investment rulers who benefit from the anti-regulation fervor, by sapping the strength out of those trying to thwart the loopholes that suck the juices out finance reform legislation.


It's the energy behemoths who will be able to ride out the storm on the oil-fouled seas they created by their greedy carelessness, smug in the knowledge they can evade true financial accountability or delay it in the tangle of our courts.

It's the insurance companies who will maintain their stranglehold if the political Regressives succeed with their crusade to repeal what little health care reform that was achieved.

It seems like every election in this country has the same catchword: "Change". Same theme, different campaign. Each and every time the new Mr. Smiths (or Ms. Smiths) come to Washington, the first thing that happens is their fire breathing is quickly extinguished.

Right now, we are fixated on the Tea Partiers who laudably want to disrupt all the DC sweetheart deals. But these entanglements are deeply embedded and far more twisted than even those derivatives the rich are so desperately trying to preserve. The complexities always seem to make them impervious to angry sound bites and simple minded fear mongering.

So the real question is whether what we're seeing is anything but just another political gimmick which becomes passe as we in media find some other story arc. Probably not, but it's fun to pretend.


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