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No Tweedles This Time

Who knew that the person who waited till Election Day could be considered a procrastinator, a "last minute voter"? With so many taking advantage of early opportunities, those who line up on Tuesday might be feeling a bit old-fashioned.

Be not embarrassed though. If it helps, think of yourself as fashionably retro because this time, it's really important to endure any confusion and lengthy delays at the polling places.

"This time"? By that, I'm addressing the lethargy that for so long has kept the percentages of those who actually cast their ballots way low in this country.

Some who stayed away contended that by doing so, they were actually voting...voting "No". They were registering their dissatisfaction with a choice between "Tweedle Dee Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum." With some justification they had concluded the differences between candidates were essentially non-existent.

That argument has absolutely no merit this time. Obviously, the opposing sides all promise to restore this damaged country. But they come from opposite directions.


Democrats, in a nutshell, believe the repairs begin at the lower and middle class levels and work their way upward. Republicans, as a general rule, operate on the assumption that prosperity works its way down.

John McCain makes no bones about that when he charges Barack Obama with planning to "spread the wealth". His hope is the accusation resonates with Americans who have always been taught we should celebrate success and reward it. Anything else is "class warfare".

The retort is that for too long the rich have gotten away with waging that "class warfare" on everyone else, by gaming the system. So now it's time to make sure the game is played with rules and that the rules are enforced.

Neither philosophy is presented in absolute terms. But there is a clear difference in emphasis. It will be up to us to choose one or the other. The excuse that a vote really doesn't matter is just that...an excuse. For laziness.

It's encouraging so many have decided to do the deed early in an attempt to reduce the chance of a screw up so their choice is really counted. The rest need to make sure they officially stand for what they're for, or even against, on Tuesday. This time the future is depending on all of us.


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