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Management problems Wherever you Look

Some Franken Sense:

*If the New Yorker demonstrated nothing else with its Obama cover, it proved that when it comes to satire, it has a long way to go to achieve the quality of Mad Magazine.

*If I wanted to offer reassurance, I'd probably want to avoid saying "Bank on it". It's gone the way of the "Slam Dunk".

*Deregulation doesn't work. Trusting the marketplace is the economic equivalent of taking a hike in the lawless frontier territories of Pakistan. In both cases, ruthless, greedy warlords will overrun the unprotected, steal all they can and ride off unpunished for the destruction they leave behind.


*We need to take alternative energy seriously. It's time for a massive taxpayer funded effort on the scale of the Space program.

Relying on quirky people who tinker with exotic approaches is just not enough. And while we're at it, let's avoid "solutions" that do more harm than good, like Ethanol. As for the so-called "Energy Companies", which is what the Oil barons like to call themselves these days, they should definitely NOT be the ones in charge. Their way out is even more profits
for themselves.

*Those neo-cons who advocate an Israeli attack on Iran do have one point: The United States has so hemorrhaged away military power in Iraq that the nation is too weak to wage another war. Any further disastrous misadventure will have to be outsourced.

*As Barack Obama continues his crash course on being President, he'll need to be careful when he takes his upcoming international field trip. He can't come across looking like Gomer Pyle ("GAWWW-LEEEEE!!!"). Not when we in the media continue to act like paparazzi chasing a rock star and sending the networks' anchors to gush over him "Access Obama" coverage.

*Meanwhile, the "More of the Same with John McCain" campaign continues its uphill ride on the Straight Talk Express. McCain's best hope is is that the Democrats will find some ridiculous way to lose this election. That's actually a pretty good strategy.

*At some point we're all going to throw up our hands and rise up in anger when we realize that the people who run our lives are in way over their heads.

*It may be too late.


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