Answer: Two men who have stopped and posed for a picture with anyone they encountered. Question: Who are Alex Trebek and Joe Biden? We mourn the death of Trebek, for decades the affable host of “Jeopardy.” “Affable” would also describe Joe Biden, who likewise for decades has accumulated the experience that will be necessary to pull his nation back from the jeopardy it faces after ... well, let’s just put it this way:
Answer: The president of the United States who has been defeated by Biden after nearly four years of ruining the United States with his ignorant hatred. The question obviously is “Who is Donald Trump?”
Let’s do one more before we stop milking this dry. Answer: A synonym for jeopardy. Actually, there are several. How about “What is endangerment?” As in President Trump is endangering the nation, because his fragile ego cannot accept the election results, where a record number of voters rejected him so convincingly that even the electoral college wasn’t Trump University — that is to say a useless relic. This time, Democratic candidate Joe Biden won convincingly, or more accurately, Donald Trump lost.
His incompetence has been deadly — just one example is the Covid pandemic, which was so much more lethal due to his leadership. And let’s not forget his bigotry, misogyny and reckless demagoguery, which fires up his base, the millions who are aggrieved or bigoted and display the worst of America.
Now Trump the POTUS is desperately trying to stave off the evidence that he is really Trump the Loser. That would describe his every venture in private life as well as public. But each and every time he manages to use his con man agility to avert being identified as really nothing more than a dud, worthy of ridicule.
This time, he is ignoring the Constitution, putting up a wall of legal puffery to delay the inevitable. His smoke screen has consequences. His refusal to authorize the mechanisms of a transition endangers national security, because the incoming administration will have no idea where the skeletons are buried, and there are clearly a lot of skeletons.
But the Trumpster doesn’t care about national security, even though it leaves his country vulnerable to actions from our emboldened enemies. He only cares about saving face, even if it shatters the credibility of the United States, where democracy is based on the premise that the vote is sacred.
So when he bleats that this whole election is fraudulent and commissions his lawyers to file their baseless lawsuits, he also suborns resistance by his fringe supporters. But he doesn’t care about that. His only concern is whether his hustle will work, and damn the consequences, so he doesn’t have to give up power on Jan. 20 and go out into a world where he has to face charges that could take away his ill-gotten fortune and even his freedom.


Nevertheless he has about two months to pull off one stunt or the other. That’s scary, because Donald Trump is strictly an impulse guy. The well-thought-out action is alien to him. Unfortunately, he has the power to wreak havoc here and across the planet before Joe Biden and his people come in and try to restore order, with or without the support of Congress, with or without the Republican Party. Trump will do everything in his remaining power to make things worse before he and his jesters are removed from the White House.
What a contrast to Alex Trebek, who honored himself as an intelligent public figure. Donald Trump has dishonored himself and embarrassed the USA in the process.
What do you call the word game where you change one letter and create another with the opposite meaning? It’s a regular category on “Jeopardy.” The question would describe the difference between Trebek and Trump. Answer: Class and crass. I suspect most of you don’t need to be reminded which guy is which.

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