This will be another essay about President Trump’s dismissive “It is what it is” when he was talking about the COVID deaths in this country. I can’t always be profound with my commentary, but hey, it is what it is.
First of all, let’s credit Jonathan Swan of Axios for honoring our craft with a really persistent interview and rattling Donald Trump in the process. Besides exposing the president’s insensitivity (as if that needed exposure), we should dwell on the “ism’s” that are a reality in Donald Trump’s America.
The pandemic is raging unabated in the Divided States of America. When it waged all out war on the world, it detected a soft spot in this country. States are going every which way following nonstop blunders by the blusterer at the top of the administration heap. We are losing the war. But it is what it is.
Instead we have economic collapse as the chief executive and his subordinates have made every wrong move. They delayed any action at all, which resulted in draconian measures that forced the wheels of commerce to basically grind to a halt. Oh, and he jettisoned to the governors all off the hard decisions, creating a hodgepodge of policies. Then, before the painfully strenuous measures could affect the heath of everyone, Trump got impatient and started agitating for a “reopening,” a return to “normalcy” that public health experts insisted was wildly premature. But he got his way, and the experts showed why they are experts. The coronavirus flared up again, leaving the D.S.A. even worse off than it was before. Once again, it is what it is.
At the same time he is trying to tamp down civil rights unrest after police brutality against minorities exploded in demonstrations in support of Black Lives Matter. To deal with the racial unrest requires a compassionate, steady hand. Donald Trump? You gotta be kidding!
He is out there fanning every demagogic flame he could, proving once again that POTUS is really BOTUS (Bigot of the United States). He and his henchmen outdo themselves to show that they are “law and order” people, pretending to be tough but really betraying their weakness. Still they go about appealing to the prejudices and hatreds of angry white people. All together now: It is what it is.


But is it actually what it is? In other words, when Trump tells us so, is it really? Or is it another of his documented lies, one of 20,000 that The Washington Post fact checkers tabulated in July since Donald Trump became president. That doesn’t count the ones he told in his campaign, and it doesn’t count the ones since July. It’s gotten so bad that Twitter and even Facebook are taking down his posts, tweets and retweets because they are “misinformation” — in other words, lies. The best way to determine what “is” and what “isn’t” would be to hear or see Trump communicate something ... anything ... and decide it’s the opposite from what he’s described, either because of ignorance, demagogic pandering or outright lying.
So the America of 2020, under Donald Trump’s leadership, is unable to agree on much of anything, whether it’s a political system that is unable to compromise or the citizenry that is divided into two literally armed camps. Since cooperation is the lubricant that greases any democracy, we have ground to a halt, unable to concur on the most rudimentary things, like wearing a face mask to protect against the spread of a lethal virus. The ignorant are convinced that masks abridge their rights.
Yes, “ignorant.” The First Amendment should also specify that Americans have the right to be stupid. It’s what put Trump in office and might do so again. A harsh assessment, yes, but one more time, it is what it is.

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