October 9, 2007
Impatience with the Impotent (Bob Franken)
@ 11:12 am

Those of you who are my regular readers will recognize one of my recurring themes. Both of you know how I harp on the failure of congressional Democrats to deliver on their election promises to rein in the president.

Just read today’s papers. The Washington Post reports that the Democratic Senate leader has told lobbyists the astoundingly rich executives of private equity firms don’t have to worry. Congress is not going to pass the legislation that would tax their hundreds of millions in income at the same rate as the rest of us.

The story appears, coincidentally, a day after candidate Hillary Clinton unveils a plan to restore and protect the middle class.


Meanwhile, The New York Times informs us that after all the chest-beating, congressional Democrats are about to cave and grant the administration a permanent extension of the warrantless wiretapping and other civil liberty intrusions contained in the so-called “Protect America Act.”

What they should call it is the “Protect Their Political Asses Act,” because their surrender is motivated by the fear they’ll be called “soft on terrorism.” Apparently that’s worse than being soft on principle.

Actually, they may have something to worry about. Democrats have that amazing ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The psychologists might call this a “success neurosis” — the inability to cope with victory.

Already they have managed poll numbers so dismal they’re at George W. Bush levels. That is no easy task.

Look no further than Florida or Michigan. These are huge states. And what’s happening? The party is in a bitter civil war over primary dates. Republicans are sitting back, laughing and already counting all the electoral votes.

Otherwise it would be considered amazing that the GOP would have the gall to hold a debate in Dearborn — on economics, no less — in a state that is suffering such high unemployment right now.

Among the participants for the first time will be Fred Thompson. He will be trying to dispel the doubts that he’s lazy, trying to show instead that he’s actually willing to prepare and do the hard work necessary for a political campaign. But how much effort can it take?

If he can just win the nomination and the Democrats continue as they have been, he and his party will have the general election handed to them. Again.


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