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January 30, 2008
Galapagos Politics (Bob Franken)
@ 2:33 pm

Count me among those who believe the current primary schedule is dopey and needs to be changed. No matter, as the dwindled field of candidates at the debates show there is a kind of Darwinian natural selection to this process. Well, there would be if, in fact, we really ended up with a “survival of the fittest.” Many will argue over whether the ones who are left are really the fittest.

And, of course, that “natural selection” part is mighty damned debatable too, unless we’re talking about the selection of fundraisers and financial supporters.

How ironic it is that one of the Republican species remaining is not the fattest of the cats; in fact, he’s the one who questions the whole idea of evolution. Of course I refer to Mike Huckabee, who ruins this whole damned analogy. Of course he says he relies entirely on a higher power.


Whatever, or whoever. In any case, the list of those who are extinct continues to grow. Who can forget candidates Fred Thompson, Joseph Biden, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd, Tom Tancredo, et al? The problem was that way too many forgot them on the early election days.

Now Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards join them. Now that those former alpha dogs have been chewed up and spit out, they can watch the remaining pack race past them. No longer could they get the necessary energy from the cosmic force that rules all political creation. That would be money, of course.

It’s the theory of “cash and cash can.” It explains why Mitt Romney, who has otherwise run an embarrassing campaign, is still among those who are left in the GOP struggle for supremacy.

As for the Democrats, both Obama and and Clinton are swimming in that money pool, so we should be able to listen to them snarl at each other in unseemly ways for the rest of the campaign.

I guess it is Darwinian. The most clever predator will win.


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