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Full Discloure about Barack Obama, Insurance Companies and George Orwell


You know that “Full Disclosure” thing we news writers do, where we say something like “Full disclosure, I’m having a battle with my insurance company over payments medical care”. Well, that would describe me. But who wouldn’t it describe?

Maybe the only “Full Disclosure” necessary would be something like “Full disclosure: I am entirely happy with my insurance company and it has nothing to do with the thousands of dollars they paid me to make a speech. In Honolulu.” That would not describe me. Unfortunately.

So maybe President Obama is on to something when he re brands “Health Care Reform” as “Insurance Reform. While this kind of thing can be Orwellian (” if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”) the latest new spin definitely is not.

Most believe the insurance companies are ripping us off. The companies have their own Orwellian ways. They insist they are simply using good business practices. They’re certainly right about that. In a slumping economy, their profits are soaring.

So it’s easy to see why they dread an alternative from anywhere…certainly not from a provider that doesn’t need to put its stockholders’ well-being over the health of the customers whose health they’re supposed to protect.

There is no room in their single- payer-by-collusion paradise for competition by anything that wouldn’t be polluted by financial greed.

They’re pulling out all the stops. They’re not the slightest bit embarrassed to exploit our aversion to government-run-anything to raise the alarm about “bureaucrats who will get between you and your doctors”

The President makes the obvious argument: They already do. Instead of government the bureaucrats work for the insurance company. Their main job seem to be blocking payment for the health care that’s due you and then daring you to plow through the walls preventing access to the coverage for which you spend big bucks. In other words, “getting between you and your doctor”. If they’ll even issue you a policy if you’ve ever had a cold, or allergies, or anytsort of “pre-existing condition”. “What’s the constraint on them”, asks the President.


As for the companies’ stated willingness to abandon their refusal to cover anyone but those who get sick or ever have been, be very wary. The final legislation could very easily put a stop to that. BUT: would that policy for those who had any sort of malady have such a prohibitive premium it would be unaffordable?

At the same time, would these same guys make stupendous amounts more if health insurance became mandatory? Of course they would. Why do you think they’re playing along?

Actually the danger of highlighting the insurance companies, is that they’re not the only special interest with selfish interest. There’s plenty of reform that needs to go around when it comes to doctors, hospitals, pharmacy manufacturers, lawyers, labor, corporations, you name them…to one degreed or another they might all be members of the health care Hall of Shame.

Call it what you want, but reform is necessary. Too many have lousy coverage and we are the lucky ones, considering the growing number of those who have none at all.

Let’s try and remember that in a civilized country, health care is a right. Even more than exorbitant profits. Even those the corporations fully disclose in one Orwellian way or another.


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