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Democrats: Losing Because They're Lost

As I get directions from my car’s GPS, I often wonder what the turn-by-turn instructions would be like if the woman inside the device had emotional issues like:

Narcissism: “I don’t care which way you turn, It’s all about me” (A lot of us TV types own this one).

Then there’s

Multiple Personality Disorder: “Turn left! Turn right! Go straight! Go back!”

Let’s not forget

Clinical Depression: “It doesn’t matter which way you go, you’re not going to get where you want to anyway”

Which finally gets me to the point; which is the Massachusetts election which embarrassing coincides with the one year anniversary of the Obama presidency. As in why did anyone bother to hope things would be different?

Depressives are ecstatic. Nothing is more exhilarating than the words “I TOLD you so!!” It has taken exactly one year for them to be joined in despair by everyone in the Democratic party who believed there would be change they could believe in. They’re feeling might SHORT-changed about now.

Depending on their level of militancy, issues, the President has either overplayed or underplayed the party’s agenda right into the toilet.

Their Washington anniversary party has been cancelled because word got out about another gate crasher. This one is not one of the Salahis or Carlos Allen. His name is Scott Brown.

Unlike the others he has an invitation, provided by the people of Massachusetts to come here and rain on the Obama parade, which will now come to a complete halt.


Leaders will try and figure out what to do now that they’re obviously so out of step with the country. The first priority will coming up with some way to save Health Care Reform, or at least try to save face.

There will also be lots of finger pointing as each one tries to blame the others for not marching together. And not paying enough attention to the obvious heckling from the disgusted throngs watching along the route.

The Democrats’ best hope would be the sorry state of the enemy forces trying to trample them in November. The usually lockstep GOP ranks are also in disarray what with the ragtag Tea Party brigade acting like a Republican Guard, purging all but the most right wing true-believers.

Even so, they have the regained the momentum now, catapulted toward the big prize and a sense that maybe, just maybe, they can achieve the impossible and wrest Congressional control away from the Democrats.

You’re saying that’s overstating things? That there’s no way something that gargantuan could happen? Well just remember that anyone who predicted Scott Brown would win the “Kennedy Seat” in Massachusetts would have been laughed right out of the room.

Now it’s the Republicans who are laughing uproariously. They are united by this upset at the very same time the Democrats are doing what they always do. They’re running off every which way, taking no directions. Unless they somehow get together, they’re heading to even bigger defeats ahead and a Republican inauguration three years from now.


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