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Congress: The Pet Theory

I have always resolved that I’d never write about my dog. Too self-indulgent, to say nothing of too chiche-ish. So let’s consider this the first resolution I’m breaking in the new year.

It’s OK though. This is about his obvious similarity to Congress. Because, all you have to do is offer members a few scraps and he or she will do whatever you want.

It explains how the loud snarling about of health care reform has been reduced to a whimper. It also makes it clear that financial regulation will have most its teeth removed…the same for Cap and Trade…anything that can threaten those who control that kibble we know as campaign contributions.

It is true a few members of a breed in the House and Senate are alpha dogs so powerful they can turn up their noses at these tidbits in disdain. They are the such well established leaders they only follow their beliefs.


Dominant individuals, though they may be, they still have to placate the lesser members of the pack…all those yapping for the little treats that they use to fend off attackers back home. They need to perform if they want to keep coming back to the Capitol Kennel.

In this world, the political puppies are controlled by the fats cats. They are the handlers who know just how to get them to roll over and play dead so the taxpayers fund their pet projects. They also make sure they don’t have to clean up the messes they make.

This is what always made the expression “Change you can believe in” seem so naive. Pardon still another of these tortured canine metaphors, but the entrenched are well aware they pay for watchdogs to protect their special interests with just a few of their crumbs.

They know that if you want a friend in Washington, buy a member of Congress.


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