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June 11, 2012

King Features Column

(Here's the disclaimer: The deal with the syndicator delays the appearance of this column here until a week after its newspaper release)

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       All hell is breaking loose, particularly on the right, about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s order to impose a ban on the sale of large sizes of sugary soft drinks. But count me among the many who wonder why the very same people who want the authorities deeply involved in prohibiting gay marriage or abortion also condemn any government efforts to combat obesity.
       Never mind the overwhelming evidence of the threats to public health from what The Center for Science in the Public Interest calls “liquid candy,” Hizzoner is constantly vilified for his aggressive efforts to regulate the egregiously dangerous products we eat and drink. He’s condemned for infringing on our “personal choice.”
       Actually, one could argue that his beverage limits are kinda namby-pamby. First of all, by aiming at soda pop, he’s overlooking the massive number of other products that contain the same toxin: sugar.
       And yes, it is a toxin. Whether corn or cane or beet, refined sugar kills and maims as it bloats the guts of fat Americans everywhere. In Bloomberg’s New York, for instance, an estimated 50 percent of the population is overweight or outright obese. Half. No wonder the city can be so harsh.
       Portion control is really a wimpy way to deal with such a dangerous poison, particularly one that is so shamelessly marketed to a flabby nation hobbled by this substance abuse. The “personal choice” protestations against any public-health programs sound eerily like the ones we used to hear about cigarettes.
       That helps explain the full-page ad showing a huge picture of Mayor Bloomberg headlined in large bold type: “The Nanny.” Who paid for it? The group calls itself The Center for Consumer Freedom; it’s a nice-sounding name until we find out it was originally set up with money from a tobacco company, and that one of its funders these days is Coca-Cola. It’s comparable to one of those shell entities that are fronts to launder the money of bad guys.

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May 17, 2010

The Fed Up's BIO: "Bring It On!!"

OK incumbents, all you defenders of the status quo: as the angry political earthquake shakes your terra unfirma, you can quake behind the gates of your communities or you can step out and boldly go where some have only dared to go, with the challenge to BRING IT ON!!!

*Forget the lack of Protestants on the Supreme Court. Isn't in time the President nominated someone who is an active Atheist? BRING IT ON!!

*And speaking of Presidential choices, shouldn't he select as Defense Secretary an openly gay person...a lesbian at that? BRING IT ON!!!

*Shouldn't the chief finance and human services officials at the top levels of our government include only those who would install a social "safety net" in the United States modeled after the one in Greece? BRING IT ON!!

*On Immigration policy: Yes, the nativists are restless. But instead of sealing our borders, throw them wide open. Or eliminate them. Wasn't that the purpose of NAFTA? Let's BRING IT ON!!

Outlandish? Well here's one that is really over the top:

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April 2, 2010

TV Time

I'm on "White House Chronicles" tonight (Friday) and/or this weekend,. The exact time depends on the station. Check your listings.

June 10, 2007

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